Director's Report

We are pleased to announce the presence of Latent Creatives, a new kind of project that we run in schools. The aim of the project is to encourage children to develop their writing skills.

It is not our plan to teach children how to write the next best seller. We want children tell a story, (their story), which we hope will be acceptable to our publishing partners. This is a community activity; our Co-ordinators are local to you.

We will not disrupt the childrens studies. All our activities take place after normal school hours (90 to 120 minutes) in the child's school, unless the local school requests otherwise.

This is not a school activity. However, there will be school support in the use of their facilities, and teachers. Children will be in familiar surroundings with people they know. You will find our activities in England, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Our different, but intricately woven teams and commununities at Latent Creatives believe this is a great opportunity for children, and we are collaborating with local groups and organisations to make it a great success.

For more information and/or to apply, please email to find out who is local to you.

Our projects run weekly. The school and teachers involved will decide which week to commence. we also run special one-off projects based on your organisation's needs.
There are very limited places, so hurry while you still can.

Fiction by Nduka Onwuegbute Project Director:
(Author)Nduka Onwuegbute

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